I once had a teacher in high school who introduced what he considered “The Axioms of History”.     They were simple statements of truth.  I’m sure I don’t remember them all.  I do remember a few.

1. Life isn’t fair

2. War cost money

3. Those in power seek to stay in power.

Parenthood is ripe with axioms.  We’ve all read statements such as, every child is different, or the only constant is change.  However, I’ve decided that the only one that tangibly make sense to me is , there will be poop.

I’m not sure where this blog is going or how often I’ll publish.  The idea of blogging is still a very strange concept.  I’ve always been wary of putting too many of my true thoughts out for the world to read.  So, be patient as I get my feet wet in my new medium.   I do guarantee whether you have a spouse, a pet, or a child in life there will be poop.

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