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Hello, I’m an intelligent mom and I have a wonderful son with a developmental delay.

I was not prepared for this scenario in any way.  I assumed my child would be bright and reach all his milestones early.  In his infancy he did indeed progress quickly.  However, this streak did not continue.  Perhaps its time I write about this.  Maybe it will help someone else in the future. Perhaps it might only help me.  At least it will get me writing again.  My novel is yet again at a stand still.  Not to worry, I’m always trying to write a novel.

For new moms or even some moms in general, admitting that your child has problems is not easy.  However, I believe that we all should inject a little more honesty about the motherhood experience.  I’m not talking about the funny thing your child does with his food.  I’m also not talking about squawking about every terrible misbehavior.  I’m speaking to the difficult and yet beautiful journey of trying to raise another human being.

So be patient as I go forth and share my story.  For friends and family, you already know names.  However for those who randomly went searching for “there will be poop”, you are probably pretty strange, and I’m not giving out any personal information if I can help it.

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