2 Years Old?!

We were at E’s second birthday.  It seemed unreal.  In so many ways we were doing so much better.  Our party was in our basement.  It was just neighbors and friends, but it was nice.  I found a ball pit (complete with balls) on CraigsList and as predicted, Emerson tried to hide out in the ball pit for as long as possible.  He actually sat quite a while with his development therapist and our babysitter.  Looking back, these were people he trusted the most in life.

For whatever reason, E still hated “Happy Birthday” being sung.  I’m not sure its the song or the cheering afterwards.  Despite my attempts at warning the crowd, there was my child crying at his own party.  It never lasts long, since the next step is eating cake.

He’d come a long way since our first session with Ms.Sheila.  However, we were still desperately trying to get E to make sounds.  I mooed, baaed, and meowed and even barked with E just to get him to repeat.  We played the kazoo and the recorder.

One thing about having a development therapist is that they catch and see things, I would never notice.  E slouched.  E slouched a lot.  I kept wondering why he would sometimes do simple tasks with one hand.  Well his other hand was usually being used as a prop.  If Sheila hadn’t noticed the propping I don’t think I would have caught it.

Poor guy.  Most kids get to have little issues and no one ever comments.  All of E’s actions were under surveillance.  I’m not sure its fair to the kid.  On the other hand, I couldn’t imagine having the information in hand, and not acting on it.  There were many times in my journey that I just wanted to hide under a rock.  I wanted to run from conflict and act as if everything would just work itself out.  Time would heal.  God would heal him.  Hes so sweet and and innocent.  Yet, to know, was my blessing from God.  It was not divine intervention, but the intervention of those God sent me.  Science and reason were the tools I was given, and despite my fears, it was my job to use them.

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