The North Carolina Senate Has Rock Brain

What is Rock Brain?  Why do I think the NC Senate has it?  How do we get rid of it?

All valid questions.  Let’s start with the first.  Rock Brain is a character in a social thinking curriculum called Superflex.  Its a superhero take on social problem solving targeted at neurodiverse kids.  Its actually has really great problem solving advice for all ages.   Rock Brain is a villain in the Superflex series.  According to the Superflex series, Rock Brain is when a person will do only what he has decided he will do; he will not negotiate with other people.  He is not a good problem solver and tries one solution that’s not working over and over again.   This person may be rule-bound and rigid in his thinking, seeing only one way to a situation.  Rock Brain invades a kid’s brain and causes them to think only of themselves and never about others.

The North Carolina Senate has Rock Brain.  They are stuck on their class size mandate and will not negotiate even when others have told them it’s not working.  While the NC House has come up a compromise bill, the state senate refuses to budge.  Voices from the community have asked for hardship waivers for counties not able to meet the mandate. The NC Senate does not budge.  A few senate members who are obviously using their Superflex powers have devised tax plans that would at least pay for the mandate.  Still the majority of the NC Senate does not budge.

Rock Brain has clearly invaded the minds of our senators.  How do we help them rid this menace?  First, the senators need to be calm.  I suggest three very deep breaths.  They might need a quiet room to compose themselves.  For senators who are fidgety or sensory seekers, I suggest vigorous exercise or possibly yoga.  Next, they need to admit that Rock Brain has invaded.  They need to notice that what they are doing is not working.   They need to try another way.  They need to realize that they might not always get their way.  We can help by letting them know that class size mandate is not working for the citizen’s of North Carolina.  I’m afraid the rest is up to them.  If in fact they can’t get rid of Rock Brain there is only one solution left.  Any NC senator with Rock Brain must be voted out.

My many thanks Senator Jay Chaudhuri for using his Superflex powers.  We need more like you.

Click here for more information on the fabulous Social Thinking Curriculum Superflex.


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